Budweiser Super Bowl ad – Clydesdales and Brotherhood

Budweiser posted one of their Super Bowl ads a bit early. Get your Kleenex ready, folks. This ad which features a growing Clydesdale and his handler is pretty emotional. 


Oh, Budweiser. You did it again. Their Clydesdale "Brotherhood" spot is another big winner for the company we've grown so accustomed to seeing churn out terrific ad after terrific ad for the Super Bowl. The bar is always set extremely high for Budweiser yet, to their credit, they always find a way to meet or exceed our expectations. It's safe to say that while we haven't seen all of the ads from this year's Super Bowl yet, this will probably be one of the best received ads and perhaps the one that inspires the most emotion from viewers. 

The company also noted that the foal you see at the beginning of the commercial was just seven days old when it was filmed. Adorable.

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