CHANEL finds success with ambiguous Brad Pitt ads

Remember that utterly creepy and nonsensical CHANEL No. 5 campaign from last fall starring one Brad Pitt? Well, apparently, the fragrances sales have skyrocketed as a result. According to an article in Bloomberg, the bulk of the brand's sales come from fragrances and cosmetics. 

The success of the campaign, which we called an acid trip, was not attributed to the brilliance of it, but more the buzz it caused across the internet. Everyone was talking about it – and even though most of us thought the campaign was ambiguous and awful, we talked about it SO much, that we ended up generating millions of dollars in free advertising for the brand. 

Paying Pitt $7 million to do this campaign was pennies to CHANEL if you think about their return on investment. We may never understand what exactly is "inevitable" (a word they use across print and TV), but we do know that the brand and perfume are not going anywhere.

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