Check out the student recruitment video for Monsters University

Monsters University, a prequel to the beloved film Monsters Inc. from Pixar, is set to hit theaters in June of 2013. The story highlights Mike and Sulley's time in college prior to their time working together on the "Scarefloor" at Monsters, Inc. 

Curious what their school looks like? Check out the student recruitment video from Monsters University.

Clever and fun. Pixar didn't just put together a rather realistic student recruitment video. No, they went and did one better by creating a fully functional website for Monsters University. Click that link and explore. You'll find every single page is loaded with pretend content, helping bring the universe of the new movie to life. There's a campus map, a student store and plenty of information on everything from the School of Scaring to the School of Liberal Arts and Monstrosities. 

An incredible amount of work went into the site and it deserves to be seen and enjoyed. Movie marketing is some of the best and most enjoyable marketing to follow. When a company gets creative in promoting their movie, like we've seen here for Monsters University, it enhances the overall experience leading up to and during the actual film. 

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