Cheerios has an interesting partnership with Nelly

If you've seen the Cheerios ad above, you might have made a connection to Nelly. The advertisement with the "Must be the honey" slogan sounds awfully similar to the "Must be the money" line from Nelly's song Ride Wit Me

It turns out this isn't just a coincidence. Reports from February indicated that Nelly was in talks with General Mills to help boost the Honey Nut Cheerios brand. Those talks must have gone well as the new "Must be the honey" slogan is now popping up in several locations, including on Tumblr. 

Buzz the Bee even corrected the Tweet above, reminding that the lyric is "Hey" not "Uh-oh!". 

Will Nelly's partnership with the brand lead to a commercial featuring the rapper and the honey bee? Maybe. Stay tuned. 

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