Cool Whip wants you to stop mistreating cakes

Cool Whip has a public service announcement: Stop mistreating cakes! Created in the same all-too-familiar tone of the emotionally draining Sarah McLachlan animal abuse PSA, Cool Whip warns that the images you're about to see might be difficult to look at. 

Those poor little cakes. You monsters! 

Cool Whip went the public service announcement route in an effort to promote their new frosting. They claim that their product is light and fluffy which makes it easier to spread. No longer will you rip and tear your cake apart while trying to ice it (Guilty as charged). The approach is a pretty creative one as opposed to the average "this is what our new product does" spot that most companies rely on.

Seriously though, I'd happily give one of those mistreated cakes a home. 

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