wants men to be jealous of a breastfeeding baby

The site is promoted as a destination for men to date and hook up with a Cougar. If you're not familiar with the "Cougar" expression, it's an older woman that's pursuing sexual relations with a younger man. Think Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate. At the same time, the site aims to hook up older women with younger men. Pretty straightforward stuff. 

The company has been at the center of a billboard controversy in the past thanks to a bold " for Mother F***ers" slogan. It's blunt and lets you know exactly what the site is all about, but not surprisingly, some people took offense. 

Now the company is at it again. As seen on Reddit, their new slogan is a bit creepier and is bound to receive plenty of complaints. Depicting a woman breastfeeding, it asks if you're jealous of what you see. What? There are so many things wrong here. First, the blurred breast is a bit much as it's clearly done to make the viewer think there's something sexual in the photo when there isn't. Her breast isn't exposed. Next, the fact they're using something as non-sexual as breastfeeding to promote something sexual is creepy. Breastfeeding is a normal activity, yet they're trying to sexualize it.


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