DICK’S baseball commercial feels more like a movie than a commercial


I was flipping around the dial the other night and I landed on MLB Network, curious to see what was going on in the World Baseball Classic. I was met with the start of the DICK'S commercial above. Over the course of the next minute, I pressed info on the ol' guide, wondering if I had accidentally clicked on a baseball movie by mistake. 

The DICK'S commercial above is captivating. It sucks you in. The production values are exactly what you'd expect from a production with a much larger budget. DICK'S proves that your commercial doesn't need to feel like a commercial. DICK'S does a tremendous job of capturing the atmosphere and suspense of a big moment in baseball, a feat that's pretty hard to pull off in such a limited time. 

Take note, advertising world. Your commercial doesn't always have to feel like a commercial to be effective. In fact, your commercial probably shouldn't feel like a commercial. Use this outstanding DICK'S ad as an example.

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