DICK’S football commercial is a cinematic masterpiece


Back in March we praised DICK'S for their baseball commercial which felt more like a movie than an actual commercial. We're back talking about DICK'S again (that'll never sound correct) and we love their football commercial which was shot in the same style as the baseball commercial from this spring. 

The commercial spins us around a football field, showing in great detail what happens and what's said before a snap. The realism is off the charts and makes the action displayed in most major films look amateur. From relaying plays to changing guarding assignments, the commercial gives an extremely accurate portrayal of what it's like to be in the middle of a competitive football game. 

Is it a bit over the top? Maybe, but the ad does a tremendous job showing the true nature of football. Here's to hoping DICK'S continues this campaign and rolls out similar ads for hockey, basketball and soccer. 

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