Doggie Doo – The game where you feed a dog until he poops

The Doggie Doo commercial above was exposed to me for the first time while I was watching a rerun of Animaniacs this weekend. The Hub, a channel that shows programming mostly geared for children (and for adults that love Animaniacs), offers a glimpse into the life of children growing up in the 2010's. 

Hey kids! Want to play a fun game? Let's feed this fake dog and wait until he poops! 

Amazingly, the commercial came out in 2011, meaning this odd pooping thing has been in stores for at least a couple of years. Honestly, what a bizarre concept for a toy. The company that makes it, Goliath Games, must be aware of that fact as they disabled the comments on their YouTube page. I can only imagine what literary gems the YouTube community would have placed on this video. 

Are toys these days really this disturbing, uncreative and bizarre? Whatever happened to classic ideas and toys like Don't Wake Daddy, Bop It and everyone's favorite, Crossfire?

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