ESPN This is SportsCenter’s outdated Linsanity ad

In advertising, timing is everything. You need to be as far in front of the curve as possible. You certainly don't want to be bringing up the year, rehashing dated topics. 

ESPN might have missed the boat on the whole Linsanity craze. That's not to say their new This is SportsCenter ad is a horrible commercial – it isn't. However, it does say that the company that usually makes big waves with their SportsCenter ads (we've featured almost all of them) missed the mark, which is noteworthy because it's such a rare occurrence. The spot isn't really funny and it doesn't feel very relevant. The concept probably should have been drawn up and used when Jeremy Lin was still with the New York Knicks. 

Jeremy Lin is still a solid basketball player. Unfortunately, the whole Linsanity craze feels like more of a distant memory than a current reality. 

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