Farmers has an insurance commercial we actually enjoy

Writing about an insurance commercial I actually enjoyed might break this site. In fact, Awful Ads has only praised one other set of insurance commercials and that was the Mayhem line of ads from Allstate. Ever since that top-10 list of the best Mayhem ads, our site has resorted to trashing all of the annoying commercials from GEICO, Progressive and a host of others. 

One company that has continually escaped our collective wrath is Farmers. Their commercials aren't always masterpieces, but they always seem to tread above the level of filth from competing insurance companies. One of their latest, titled "Suds", was one of the most enjoyable insurance commercials I've seen thanks to a wealth of stunts and intelligent dialogue. 

Insurance is an extremely boring topic. That's why so many companies have resorted to mascots and gimmicks (Flo, a talking lizard) to pitch their topics. Farmers is no different, but their style actually presents information in a way that doesn't make you want to kick your television. 

Here they present what happens if you aren't smart with insurance, using comical stunts and situations to really drive the point home. You're probably aware teen drivers aren't the best drivers, but until you see one pull off an incredible spin into your front yard and smugly ask "Sup?", you might not have given it much thought when it comes to your personal insurance. 

Bonus points for tossing the keys. When that happened I think it was the first time I've seen the group I was with collectively laugh at an insurance commercial as if it was a cinematic comedy. 

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