Farmers Only – Because farmers don’t have to be lonely

The above commercial is real. Very real. In fact, it plays regularly here in St. Louis and in other major cities. That's right, this dating site that's exclusively for farmers which uses the slogan "City folks just don't get it" isn't some sort of SNL joke, but is instead a legitimate site that intends to bring lonely farmers together. 

The commercial itself is funny enough and bizarre enough as is without any additional commentary from yours truly. What's most impressive is the fact this site, which targets a very small demographic, must have an enormous advertising budget. The ads play regularly on a variety of channels in a multitude of cities. It's hard to believe that the dating site is seeing a worthwhile return on all of their spending. 

In case you're curious as to whether is owned by a larger corporation, as far as we can tell it's not. It was created in 2005 by Jerry Miller, the owner of an ad agency. That's right – he's not even a farmer! Apparently, he created the site so people with similar values and ideas could connect, regardless of whether they actually farm. The site reported having 90,000 members in 2008. 

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