Fox Sports 1 is promoting itself with a real version of Cleatus the robot

Cleatus, the giant animated robot you've probably seen during NFL games on Fox, may be coming to a city near you. In an effort to promote the launch of Fox Sports 1 on August 17th, the network created a large 6'9" suit of the robot which will travel to various cities to promote the newest sports station on television. 

Yes, some poor individual will be wearing the large Kevlar and fiberglass Cleatus suit in some sweltering conditions. Cleatus will tour the country along with a team of ladies from regional Fox Sports stations. 

Is it wise to market the new station with a robot many sports fans despise? Maybe not, but it's safe to say Cleatus is at least recognizable – for better or worse. Considering the fact the network appears to be trying to go in a new direction with FS1, it seems kind of strange they want to carry over an older idea to a new entity. 

If you're curious what the suit looks like with someone walking around in it, here's video from an appearance Cleatus made in San Diego:

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