FreeCreditScore promotes their new feature with … guacamole?

FreeCreditScore has a new feature on their site where you can see what will happen to your credit score under various hypothetical scenarios. It's a cool feature, one that has been in similar formats on other credit sites such as Credit Karma. 

How does FreeCreditScore promote their latest feature? Guacamole. Lots of guacamole.


In case you've ever wanted to see two people sitting in a giant bowl of guacamole, FreeCreditScore has answered the call. The idea is several parts strange and a few parts disgusting. Sometimes random ideas pay off in a big way in advertising. Consider Old Spice's past few years of ads and how their randomness and spontaneity have caused most of the ads to go viral. 

Unfortunately, sometimes random doesn't sell and it just comes off as random – and weird. 

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