Geico hits a new low with Maxwell the pig

Geico is known for using animals to promote its product – that is nothing new. The cute little Gecko with a British/Aussie accent can be somewhat endearing. I can think of a couple commercials, at least, that feature him in an interesting way. 

But lately…lately they've turned to a pig. I don't get it, like at ALL. But, I was willing to overlook it, because who cares, really, until I saw this atrociousness yesterday.

We've all been on dates with pigs before; ladies, am I right? I was on a first date once when the dude, after I offered him some of my tots, said, "What, are you trying to fatten me up for the wedding?" Gross.

Anyway – I have been sitting here for a good half hour trying to figure out the point of this ad, but to no avail. It's asinine – why are you using your Geico application to summon a tow truck while strategically parked on a bluff overlooking the city?

I just can't figure out why this woman is on a date with an actual pig – the commercial where he's on an airplane is one thing, but having him on a date with a woman who seems all too desperate for his affections is quite another.

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