GEICO runs an ad with the Pillsbury Doughboy

It's fascinating when two very different companies agree to work together for an advertisement. Here, GEICO is running another one of their "Happier than" spots and reached an agreement to use the Pillsbury Doughboy, mascot of (you guessed it) Pillsbury. 

The spot isn't too bad. The Doughboy has some tiny luggage, which of course holds the tiniest rolling pin ever created. He does his trademark giggle as airport security attempts to pat him down as he attempts to travel to a baking convention.  

What's interesting is the crossover itself, creating an unexpected relationship between car insurance and baked goods. GEICO created the concept and approached General Mills, owner of Pillsbury, for permission to use the lovable mascot in an ad. General Mills agreed, seeing as the Doughboy's portrayal matches the company's vision as well as numerous ads we've seen from GM in the past. It's a win-win. GEICO gets to make their commercial while Pillsbury receives some exposure without having to create a commercial of their own.

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