Go Daddy tries their hand at odd humor with “Restraining Order Jim” spot

Go Daddy is trying something a bit different. Instead of forcing us to watch steamy ladies gyrate or a geek making out with a model, the company is instead trying a new avenue to deliver their message: odd humor. That's not to say Go Daddy hasn't tried odd humor before (the geek/model commercial was supposed to make people laugh, we guess), but this might be the first time it's been done strictly with words. Oh, and clothing.  

Their new "Restraining Order Jim" spot, like so many ads from Go Daddy before it, is sure to evoke a big reaction from viewers. Some will be positive, others not so much. It's difficult not to applaud Go Daddy for pushing out an advertisement that didn't make us want to gouge our eyes out, but should a company really be commended for stepping up from such garbage? 

Though different, this Go Daddy commercial is still pretty odd and kind of creepy. It goes into a strange place with tones of harassment and stalking. We aren't sure why there's a restraining order out on Jim or why he chose to divulge such information, but here we are.

So, what do you think? Is this ad a pass or fail? Is it an improvement from Go Daddy?

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