HelloFlo and the tampon ad everyone is talking about

If you're a woman, you know that the arrival of Aunt Flo each month is met with one of three emotions: elation when it finally happens for the first time (I'm a WOMAN), relief in some scarier instances, but mostly it is just met with downright disdain. 

However, for the girls experiencing it for the first time, we now apparently have a tampon delivery service that will help them face this dreaded monthly occurrence. The company, HelloFlo, will send a box full of lady products and fun, tasty treats as a "pick-me-up."

The ad they use to depict the teenage experience with Flo is pretty hysterical. The Camp Gyno rules the land until people discover HelloFlo and don't need her anymore. 

Co-director Pete Marquis tells Adweek:

"A lot of girls don't go to their parents when they first get their period. They go to their friends. And a 12-year-old might not be the best source of information. We ran with the idea from there, and thought camp could be a funny setting. And a girl who embraced the idea of getting her period and seeing it as an opportunity to become popular, instead of being mortified, was pretty funny, too."

I know this is intended for teenagers, but if the "pick-me-up" was a case of wine, I'd definitely subscribe.


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