Herbal Essences brought back those hairgasm commercials


Remember those Herbal Essences commercials where someone would wash their hair and moan with delight? You know, the ones that were extremely awkward to watch in a family setting? They're some of the most fun commercials to mock due to the complete absurdity of the situation.

They're back! Herbal Essences has rehashed an old idea – nearly shot for shot – with a commercial that shows a woman washing her hair and having a hairgasm (what an awkward term) in an airplane bathroom. 

Aside from the whole hairgasm thing, here's what's wrong with this commercial: 1) Who washes their hair in an airplane bathroom? 2) How'd she get that big bottle of shampoo past the TSA? 3) Why is there an intercom in the bathroom? I could probably keep going but I'll stop there. 

Interestingly enough, we've seen this commercial before. Check out this spot from Herbal Essences from several years ago.

So much for creating a new idea, huh?

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