Internet Explorer’s nostalgic trip for children of the ’90s

Internet Explorer has rolled out a journey down memory lane for children that grew up during the 1990s. From slap bracelets to Pogs, Trolls to the Oregon Trail, Internet Explorer's latest ad covers nearly all of the bases of what made the '90s a memorable and fun decade. 

IE is finally acting on the fact their browser has been pushed aside by Millennials in exchange for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is now seemingly reserved for everyone's parents and that's not the position IE wants to be in. Honestly, I've yet to meet anyone under 35 that uses Internet Explorer as their browser of choice. 

I've got to hand it to them. I'm a firm Google Chrome supporter. I've long since distanced myself from Internet Explorer. While I have no intentions of switching back, I applaud them for coming up with a fun and somewhat emotional couple of minutes that did a fantastic job of recapping what the '90s were all about. While the spot might not convert many users back to IE, it certainly should help improve IE's dated image. It might just be too little, too late. 

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