Jell-O’s unique approach to SF’s Super Bowl loss is kind of amazing

Jell-O has launched a micro-site that promotes the brand's latest marketing creation. It's the Jell-O Pudding Drop!

To help 49ers fans "mask the bitter taste of defeat with the sweet taste of Jell-O" they are offering free pudding to San Francisco fans on February 5th. The commercial is hysterical – "Who's the winner NOW, Baltimore?" – and a very innovative way to promote the brand in the wake of what must be a heartbreaking loss for the Niners. 

I know that losing a Super Bowl is never easy (trust me, I'm a Patriots fan, I know), but for SF to rally back so fiercely only to come up just short on what appears to be a botched call must hurt twice as bad (trust me, I'm a Miami (FL) fan, I know).

The site even has a chrome app called the Baltimore Blocker, which fans can download to remove all mentions of Baltimore's victory from the Internet.

This is a fantastic example of a brand connecting and engaging with consumers. A loss like this is not the end of the world and while free chocolate pudding might not be enough to ease the pain of some, it is certainly a brilliant marketing move on Jell-O's part. I'm sure they will see measurable success from this.

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