Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy leaves Weight Watchers in a bind

Jessica Simpson has a $4 million endorsement deal with Weight Watchers that she received shortly after a pregnancy. Weighing in at 170 pounds, Weight Watchers extended the deal in the hopes of reaping the rewards of transforming Simpson back to her slimmer self.  

Weight Watchers deployed a series of ads, such as this one, detailing how Simpson lost over 50 pounds on the program. There's just one little problem. Jessica Simpson is pregnant – again. Pregnant women aren't allowed to be on the Weight Watchers program, making Simpson's dated endorsement a bit awkward and a bit comical due to the fact she's about to balloon up to epic proportions. 

The company reacted by running a new ad with small print at the bottom of the screen mentioning that Simpson is off the program but plans to return after her baby is born. That's some tiny print that'd be pretty easy to miss.

Based on Simpson's track record, Weight Watchers might have to limit her contact with the opposite sex if they hope to actually have her lose weight.

(H/T to Angry Aaron on Twitter for this gem)

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