Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade star in an awesome new Gatorade commercial

Gatorade continues to push the theory that if you train hard and drink Gatorade, you'll achieve your goals. We've seen plenty of commercials lacking any creativity preaching this very message. When Gatorade rolled out a new ad with Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade, we assumed this would be yet another run of the mill sports drink spot.

Thankfully, we were wrong. 

Durant gets stuffed by Wade, a memory that haunts his dreams. Durant then trains and trains and trains all while chugging various Gatorade products. Finally, he has his chance for redemption and thanks to his hard work and Gatorade, this time he buries his dunk past a leaping Wade. What happens? Wade is then haunted by the memory of Durant besting him, creating a never-ending cycle of two men trying to be the best.

This is a terrific spot from Gatorade. It takes a tired idea of a player training hard and gives it a new and fresh direction. 

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