Kia Sorento Super Bowl ad – Space Babies

Kia rolled out its Super Bowl offering a bit early. Their ad for the 2014 Kia Sorento, titled Space Babies, features a father explaining to his young son where babies come from. His answer is a bit more intergalactic than you might have expected.

Cute, tiny animals in space suits. It should be fairly clear which demographic Kia is targeting. We could go without the rather horrifying scream from the tiny rhino when the ship enters Earth's atmosphere, however. Poor guy.

Overall, this isn't a bad effort from Kia. It's refreshing seeing the company use animals in an ad that aren't hamsters and aren't dancing to techno. It's also nice to see a car company avoid the usual bland and boring routine of showing their vehicle in super slow motion taking a hard corner. 

As for whether or not this spot will actually push sales, that's another debate entirely. 

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