Kmart does it again with “Big Gas Savings”

Kmart is building off of their successful "Ship my pants" formula. You might recall that we wrote about Kmart's "Ship my pants" ad and how it took the advertising world by storm. Now Kmart has released a new spot that uses a similar shtick – "Big gas savings!"

When I first heard Kmart rolled out another ad with the same premise, I assumed the act would feel tired and forced. I doubted that they'd be able to find laughs in a formula we're now familiar with. The success of their previous ad would be hard to repeat, right? 

Wrong. Once again I found myself chuckling as people of all ages discussed "big gas" savings, men and trucks. The kid in particular had me laughing. Kmart has successfully created a sequel to a very successful concept. Will this ad go viral like their previous installment? We'll have to wait and see. 

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