Kmart goes viral with incontinence humor

You wouldn't expect the words "Kmart" and "viral" to be put together in a single sentence and have it mean something good for the discount store chain superpower.  Alas, Kmart's latest commercial starring a number of people being thrilled at their ability to have items shipped to them has gone viral all over the internet, Twitter, and Facebook pages.  

Whoop-de-do, right?  I mean, what could be the big deal about free shipping?

The genius of this Kmart spot is how the message is delivered.  When you see a number of people excited about "shipping their pants" it becomes an instant classic…

This isn't an ad you can be on the fence about.  You either love the fact that they pushed the envelope by having everyone from young children to the elderly gleefully talking about shipping their pants, their drawers, and their bed… or you just hate laughter.  This is the kind of funny, brilliant ad that can do more for Kmart than a thousand blue light specials.  It's way better than Target lamely teaming up with Justin Timberlake.

Yep, nothing like a few poop jokes to get people actually interested in shopping at Kmart.