Look out sign spinners – You might be replaced by a robot

In the news of the creepy and somewhat disturbing, robots are apparently starting to take over. While this isn't quite on the level of Skynet (yet), it could mean the end of human sign spinners as we know them. 

South Park quotes aside (they took our jobs!), this whole robot thing is pretty bizarre. I've always questioned whether sign-spinning is worth it and whether or not you actually see any measurable results from a guy waving some cardboard around or dancing in a gaudy costume. 

In rare instances, sign spinners have turned the rather monotonous act into one that is not only attention grabbing but good enough to land an appearance on Ellen.

In the vast majority of cases, you pass by and try your best not make eye contact with the person that clearly looks like they'd rather be somewhere else. Now there's this…thing. Robot might be too kind of a term for this contraption that's part mannequin and part device that gently wiggles a Little Caesars sign. 

It's safe to say this "robot" would be cheaper than having to pay a human a regular hourly rate. Does that really make it worthwhile, though? This thing is pure nightmare fuel. I sincerely hope there isn't one of these on a street corner in my neighborhood anytime soon. 

(H/T CBS News and Stealing Axion)

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