McDonald’s is going retro with their advertising

Boy, advertising sure was a bit wacky 30-40 years ago, wasn't it? What's that? This McDonald's ad was just loaded to the company's YouTube page on January 15th, 2013? Well, that makes things a bit more interesting.

McDonald's is going back to the past with some advertising straight out of a different decade. Complete with a soundtrack that should bring back memories of your favorite Atari game, this spot is desperately trying to appeal to the generations that grew up in the 70's and 80's. Lasers and cheesy graphics galore, the "Big Mac Attack" ad even uses a vintage McDonald's logo at the end of the commercial that we haven't seen in quite some time. 

Ironically, the company is still trying to use their modern advertising mumbo-jumbo in the description of the video, claiming you should be a "mouthinker" and "think with your mouth". I think we'll just stick to watching all the cool lasers. 

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