Mel Kiper will help you pick out the perfect Mother’s Day gift

If you've ever flipped on ESPN anywhere close to the NFL Draft, you're probably pretty familiar with Mel Kiper. The NFL analyst is one of the faces of ESPN's Draft Day coverage, providing in-depth coverage and opinions on all of the prospects set to enter the league. 

Kiper's image is now being used in an online ad on where he evidently will help you pick out the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

The connection here isn't too bad. Kiper weighs in on which players teams should and should not draft and here he appears on a banner promoting Pandora Perfect Gift Finder, a site that helps you choose between different gifts for women, or in this case for your mother just before Mother's Day.

Still, though the connection here is one that works, we can't get over Kiper's smiling mug peering out at us next to a bunch of overpriced jewelry. After the banner's animation is complete, you're left with the image above. Kiper's face looks like it was placed there accidentally, doesn't it? 

Nothing says Mother's Day quite like Mel Kiper.

(H/T Aaron Morgan)

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