Nivea deodorant stunt makes people think they’re wanted fugitives

What better way to promote your "Stress Protect" deodorant than by making innocent people think they're wanted fugitives? This Nivea ad – or should we say event/stunt – was filmed at an airport in Germany where unsuspecting people were placed at the center of a police manhunt.

The individuals had their picture discretely taken and thanks to some quick editing, the photo appeared on the front of a newspaper as well as on a phony TV broadcast detailing that they were wanted by the police. To further heighten the suspense – and stress – a description of the "felon" was read over the airport PA system.

Finally, it was revealed that this was all a clever gag promoting Nivea's "Stress Protect" deodorant, a product designed to keep you cool and fresh even in the most stressful of situations. Nivea claims all of the men and women you see in the video above weren't in on the ruse, making this a brilliant piece of non-traditional marketing. 

(H/T Ad Week)

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