Norwegian betting commercial depicts the emotions of a sports fan

Due to the current law of the land in the United States, commercials for sports betting and gambling sites are an unfamiliar entity. There are a ridiculous number of sports betting sites out there (as you can see from the previous link) and they all have their own unique way of trying to bring in gamblers. 

As you might expect, most of these advertisements aren't too special. However, a select few break the mold including the one we're discussing today. 

Sports gambling might be an unfamiliar activity for some of you reading this, but if you've ever wagered with a friend or developed a strong affiliation with a certain club or sport than this commercial out of Norway might accurately sum up that experience. 

Norsk Tipping is a company which provides sports betting, lotteries and instant games to the folks in Norway. In their commercial above, we're presented with a rather boring and bland workspace. Every so often a message is delivered by tube from a lookout to the room of gentlemen. Depending on the message, the workers either explode with happiness and dance or slump into their chairs with disappointment. It's later revealed that these workers are really inside a soccer fan's brain and the messages are the scores of games he is betting on. Clever. 

While this commercial might not be relatable if you've never placed a bet on a game, it does a great job of depicting what it's like to be a fan as a game unfolds. The highs and lows that send us through a wave of emotions, sometimes one right after the other. It's an experience not quite like any other. 

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