Philips Norelco “I’d f*** me” campaign is pretty surprising

Philips Norelco is receiving plenty of attention – both positive and negative – over their new ad campaign where men claim they'd sleep with themselves (awkward sentence of the year) after grooming with a Norelco. In the ads, hairy men are using their Philips Norelco to groom and style their beards, chest hair and even hair that's south of the border. As they style, the men list different things they'd do with themselves, including dates, wine and even a certain word that starts with an F and ends with a K. 

Well, it certainly caught our attention. Fresh off the Kmart "Ship my pants" ad, Philips took things to a new level with these spots. The concept seems fairly innocent at first, but as the men remove more and more hair from more risqué parts of the body, the ad takes a sudden turn into f*** town. Of course, since the mother of all bombs can't be said on television, it's hidden beneath the sound of a razor as opposed to a generic bleep. 

Imagine you caught this ad on television without any prior knowledge of what's to come. It's safe to say you might be a bit surprised. To top off their campaign, Philips is using as the site for their new campaign. Gee, I wonder what they are alluding to there…

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