PlayStation brings gaming to life in “Greatness Awaits” ad

I love advertisements for video games. Over the years some of the biggest, most impressive and most immersive ads have come out of the world of gaming. The ads hurl us into a world of fantasy brought to life, showing what it'd be like if all of our missions, quests and experiences in games were a reality.

PlayStation builds on that concept with their new ad called "Greatness Awaits." Here we follow a man as he travels through a world loaded with references to countless video games. He discusses greatness, asking who are we to deny greatness? Who are we to be ordinary? With the PlayStation – specifically the PS4 – we can be anything we want to be. 

The production value in this video is incredible. The full 1:30 spot appears to be one continuous shot, complete with plenty of special effects and extremely realistic props. It took several viewings to absorb all of the details and effects loaded into this ad.

Things get a little cheesy when our main character starts picking fights, but the concluding scene which depicts an expansive world of gaming really drives the point home that games allow you to be anywhere and anything your mind can imagine.

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