Playstation Vita ad features a woman with four boobs

Sony is using a rather interesting concept to demonstrate the Playstation Vita's functionality. The Vita, a handheld gaming device, is mostly used by male, teenage gamers. What better way to grab a man's attention than by showing a woman with four breasts? The Vita has input devices on both the front and the back, so the company ran with a print ad that uses the caption "Touch both sides for added enjoyment."

TBWA-France is the agency responsible for the …endowed woman above. The ad certainly grabbed our attention. It's not everyday you see a woman with back boobs, especially one that doesn't have a considerable weight problem. The humor here is likely the type of humor that the demographic Sony is targeting enjoys. At the same time, as awkward as the ad is, it actually does a solid job conveying the product's features. 

As you might have guessed, the ad created quite a bit of controversy after running across two pages in a French magazine.

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