PR stunt: Domino’s delivers a pizza with a drone

Domino's has created some headlines after they released a video where they delivered a pizza with a drone. The DomiCopter flies pizza to customers, soaring over trees and lakes before arriving at its destination. The video above shows the DomiCopter making a delivery in the UK, but the company teased that this new technology would be revolutionizing the way pizza is delivered. 

This stunt generated a ton of publicity. People actually believed that Domino's was planning on introducing drones as a new method of delivery around the country. In fact, the US Federal Aviation Administration would prohibit such an activity. Domino's commented that this stunt has nothing to do with the United States and that this was pulled off by an independent franchise in the UK. 

It might not be widespread, but it's still pretty cool. 

(H/T Mashable)

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