Rent-A-Center won’t check you out – even if you’re a man in a thong

Rent-A-Center wants to let you know that they'll never check your credit score. They also want you to know that they won't check you out if you're a gentleman that wants to wear jean shorts and a thong. 

Rent-A-Center is going down the familiar avenue by using shocking humor to promote the company's overall message and value. This time the humor isn't through dialogue like we've seen in a couple of spots for Kmart. Instead, RAC is opting for shocking visuals.

Man in a thong. The message is effective, but we'll bet that most viewers will be too busy trying to change the channel / poke their eyes out that the slogan might go unheard. Honestly, did the camera need to be zoomed in so close? Wouldn't this joke work without making it feel like we're within inches of this man's … outfit?

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