Scott Van Pelt put on a few pounds in new This is SportsCenter ad

Vertical stripes – pinstripes even – are supposed to have a slimming effect. On the flip side, wearing horizontal stripes or hoops does the opposite, making you look a bit wider than you actually are. These theories have been put to the test, but the best evidence may come courtesy of this new This is SportsCenter ad. 

CC Sabathia is having a casual conversation with Steve Levy about how regardless of his performance he knows he'll look good thanks to his pinstripes. Scott Van Pelt interrupts, showing off his new suit with horizontal stripes. Oh, and he might have put on a few pounds. Make that a few hundred pounds. 

ESPN does a lot of things wrong, but when it comes to things such as "30 for 30" or This is SportsCenter commercials, they do a tremendous job. 

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