Southern Comfort has a new comfortable gentleman

Southern Comfort is sticking with their "Whatever's Comfortable" slogan, but this time they're using a new comfortable gentleman. You might recall the company previously used a large oily man on the beach to preach their message of comfort, but now they're opting for one relaxing in a hair salon. 

This older gentleman, complete with an epic mustache, sits back and enjoys a lengthy shampoo massage in a salon which feels like it's straight out of an older era. As he's shampooed, he rests his Southern Comfort drink by his side and steals a glimpse of the woman sitting across from him.

While this ad won't generate the same level of buzz as the one featuring an oily gentleman in a tiny swimsuit, it still drives Southern Comfort's message home. Rugged men can enjoy whatever they want – even a shampoo massage – as long as their drink is by their side. 

(H/T AdWeek

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