Subway ad from the UK has some dry humor

This Subway ad from the UK features Janet, a rather unexceptional redhead who rarely has things go her way. From booking hotels to dating, Janet never quite gets what she's hoping for. That is, until she goes to Subway where she can get exactly what she wants. 

Got all that? Sounds like a pretty interesting commercial, doesn't it? It's not. Thanks to a rather monotone voiceover and a slow developing plot, this ad from the UK may prove once and for all that folks in the UK really do have a dry sense of humor compared to those in the United States. 

What's fascinating about this ad isn't the concept. We've seen the "Make it your way" idea dozens of times and from dozens of restaurants. What's fascinating here is the vast difference between American and UK advertising. Can you imagine if this ad played in America? It'd probably replace Nyquil as the optimal way to catch some sleep. On the contrary, imagining what this ad would be like if it was "Americanized" is worth a laugh as well. It'd be ridiculously over the top and probably incredibly stupid. 

Consider this a reminder that not all ads are loud and flashy. You just might have to travel to another country in order to find them. 

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