Taco Bell pulls ad that made fun of vegetables

Ads have been pulled for some pretty ridiculous reasons in the past. The latest story involving Taco Bell and their ad that mocked vegetables might take the cake – no pun intended. Taco Bell has reportedly pulled their ad that mocked vegetable consumers after they came under fire (term used loosely) from vegetable lovers.

The ad itself was rather innocent. Taco Bell depicted a person delivering a veggie tray to the host of a Super Bowl party. The host looked disappointed. Through voiceover, the ad claimed that brining a vegetable tray to a party is like "punting on fourth and one." Instead, bring tacos.

Where's the controversy? We've seen plenty of racier ads in the past escape criticism and survive lengthy runs on television. All things considered, Taco Bell's ad was as tame as they come, barely registering on the list of things anyone might find offensive.

Evidently, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (Yes, that's a real organization) led the charge against the ad, urging people to Tweet Taco Bell with their complaints. Amazingly, Taco Bell saw enough of a response from vegetable lovers to warrant removing the ad, stating "We didn't want anyone to misinterpret the intent of the ad."

There you have it. We now live in an age where no one can take a joke – not even vegetables. 

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