Terry Crews is back with Old Spice to promote their shaving gel

Terry Crews is back with Old Spice. The last time we saw him he was playing music with his muscles, crashing through walls and promoting Old Spice body wash and body spray. This time, he's in two commercials pitching the company's new shaving gel. Not surprisingly, the company has stuck with their advertising formula which places Crews in the middle of some odd situations, complete with plenty of weirdness and visual effects. 

First, Crews talks about how new the shaving gel is in a room of talking items. It's weird, but we laughed at Crews' delivery of "Everything is talking" and "I have a son!!!"


Next, Crews emerges from a patient's beard. Here Old Spice really pushes the boundaries of what's effectively weird and unusual and what's kind of uncomfortable to watch. We have no qualms with Crews emerging from the guy's beard, but the bottle popping out of the patient's mouth is … strange. 


Considering how manly Old Spice tries to be, it's interesting that they went the direction of anti-beard. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to support the manliness and have a lineup of beard/facial hair products? 

(H/T AdWeek)

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