The Buttfumble has turned NFL centers into butt wipe spokespersons


It takes something really powerful and unique to cause the flushable toiletries advertising industry to make news.  Alas, this is just the latest miracle from the gift that keeps on giving – the Buttfumble.  The Buttfumble has become one of the most iconic sports bloopers in the history of sports with SportsCenter finally retiring it from its Worst of the Worst countdown earlier this month after it looked like it'd never lose its revered status.  

Now we've learned via Ad Age that One Wipe Charlies is taking advantage of the Buttfumble's infamy by signing up four NFL centers as spokesmen for their butt wipes:

Dollar Shave Club's One Wipe Charlies brand is about to give NFL offensive linemen the most media exposure they've had since New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran face-first into guard Brandon Moore's large rear end on national TV last Thanksgiving.

One Wipe Charlies, the flushable wet toilet-paper product launched in June, has tapped four NFL centers — Travis Frederick of the Dallas Cowboys; John Sullivan of the Minnesota Vikings; Eric Wood of the Buffalo Bills; and Nick Hardwick of the San Diego Chargers — to appear in the male-targeted brand's "Clean Snap" ad campaign, said Dollar Shave CEO Mike Dubin.

The beefy NFL offensive linemen don't get many endorsements, making the deal a bit unusual. The centers will promote One Wipe Charlies in radio spots created in-house. The tagline: "Every great play starts with a clean snap."  

Good for these NFL linemen and their ample derrieres to finally step into the spotlight.  All it took for them to get just a slice of the lucrative sponsorship pie from the skill position players was for a quarterback to run full speed into his center's backside.  There's kind of a weird poetic justice in that.  Mark Sanchez's NFL future may be in doubt, but at least he's contributed something that is longer lasting to our society:  Large men selling adult butt wipes.

via Ad Age, GIF via USA Today