The evolution of Gatorade as told through iconic sports moments

Gatorade has released a new commercial titled "The Path of the Lightning Bolt" which takes us on a journey through sports history as Gatorade evolves from its creation to the product we know today.

Starting back in a lab at the University of Florida and traveling through time to the present day, the company shows how Gatorade has played a role in some of the biggest and most iconic moments in sports. The spot ends with the slogan "Continue the Legend."

It's a pretty solid commercial from Gatorade. The transitions are seamless and creative, and it's fun to see how Gatorade incorporates itself into events such as Michael Jordan's flight through the air or Serena Williams doing the splits. Also, chalk this up as yet another commercial Peyton Manning makes an appearance in. As we've discussed in the past, Manning hasn't met a commercial he didn't like

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