The most brilliant QR code we’ve seen

QR codes were supposed to revolutionize the way we consume information through our smart phones. They were supposed to be a quick and easy way to connect the user/reader with whatever form of media they were looking at. For a variety of reasons, QR codes never really took off. Most QR codes appeared to be tossed in after their ads were created, an ugly afterthought that totally ruined the look and feel of a given ad. 

Except this one. This QR code is brilliant. 

The Dutch Heart Foundation created an ad called "QR bystanders". It features a man lying on the ground suffering through cardiac arrest. He's surrounded by bystanders that aren't quite sure what to do. The ad is completely made out of real people and the way they are all arranged actually creates a fully functional QR code. Upon scanning the image on the left, your smart phone would take you directly to a CPR app that would provide audio instructions on how to administer CPR.  

Clever and functional.

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