The NBA has the best playoff commercial of 2013

The four major sports always seem to produce the best commercial spots come playoff time and as far as creative, appealing ads go the NBA is at the top of the ladder.  The Association has done it once again with this 2013 NBA Playoffs commercial featuring some of the league's best guards that have appeared in this year's playoffs shooting teardrops.  Maybe at first glance that doesn't sound like a classic in any way, but when it's put in slow motion to Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz, then it's an automatic winner.

I'm pretty sure you could put any sporting event in slow motion to classical music and have a brilliant basis for promoting your sport.  Teardrops, home runs, perfect spirals, heck even Joey Chestnut gorging himself on hot dogs.  Just put some Strauss or Tchaikovsky to it and you've got a audio-visual masterpiece.