The ridiculous Super Soft Cooler commercial

Meet the Super Soft Cooler. It's soft. It floats. You can hit it repeatedly if that's what you're into. 

The commercial – which resembles an infomercial more than it does an actual commercial – looks like it's straight out of a different decade. Incredibly, I saw it just last week on G4 (soon to be Esquire). This was one of those rare times where I had to go back and watch a commercial multiple times just because I was laughing so hard. 

Where should I start? Grainy footage. The video above is exactly how it looked on TV. The fact this guy is probably filming this thing in his basement. The repeated beating and smacking of the cooler. Why? Why not! Secret compartment! Ridiculously loud sound effects. Confusing instructions. Throwing it in a kiddie pool. Finally, my favorite, "The money I save on ice is amazing!" line which almost brought me to tears. That man is thrilled about his ice savings. 

Bless you, Soft Super Cooler. You have it all. 

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