The Seattle Mariners released another batch of outstanding commercials

The Seattle Mariners have produced some terrific commercials over the course of the past several seasons. In fact, the Mariners have often received more positive buzz about their advertising than they have about their play on the field.

From a commercial that perfectly captivated the phenomenon that was Ichiro in his prime, to a folk song about Richie Sexson, the Mariners have had some memorable spots that received attention and praise from baseball fans around the country. The team recently released their ads for 2013, proving that at least off the field the Mariners would give their fans something to be proud of. 

Warning: Ads might autoplay. Blame the MLB's video system, not us!

This year the Mariners rolled out ads showing how it's important to stay focused and relaxed, seen above, along with a spot where Dustin Ackley shows just how much he loves his fans. If only a player would actually do this for an inning or two in a Major League game. One can dream.

The team also put out a spot where Brendan Ryan has a pretty friendly relationship with a talking buffalo. Note: Ryan might not be the brightest bulb in Seattle. 

This year the team also ran a commercial where one fan debates whether or not he's a diehard fan. Answer: Yes he is. Maybe a bit too much for our taste. 

Finally, we'll close on an infomercial from King Felix that's worthy of late-night TV. 

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