The SodaStream ad you won’t see during the Super Bowl

SodaStream will have an ad during this year's Super Bowl, but the ad you'll see wasn't the company's first choice. The ad you see above, one that mildly tackles Coke and Pepsi, was denied by CBS. 

SodaStream, the machine that takes your water and carbonates it so you can create your own, healthier soda in the comfort of your own home, created a rather harmless ad. Their angle is that when you use SodaStream, you help the environment by using fewer plastic bottles. The ad that will run during the Super Bowl will still have the same message – save the environment by using less plastic – but it won't feature Coke, Pepsi and that awkward exchange between drivers. 

The denial by CBS has been a bit of a blessing for the company as their unaired ad went viral, free of charge. 

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