The USDA doesn’t think you know how to use a microwave

Microwaves are one of the easiest appliances to use. Most of us use a microwave on a fairly regular basis. In fact, using a microwave ranks somewhere between clapping your hands and watching TV on the "easy tasks to perform" chart. 

Insert food. Press buttons. Remove food. Simple, right? According to the USDA, we're all morons and operating a microwave requires some serious explaining.

Where to start? First, this commercial was seen by our very own Ben Koo on NFL Network. Yes, the USDA is trying to explain how to use a microwave to a demographic which stereotypically relies on a microwave for a large percentage of their meals. 

The actual commercial / PSA itself is lunacy. The main message – know your appliance's wattage to ensure you cook things properly – could have been stated in 15 seconds and without the cheesy acting. Instead, we're berated for a full minute on how to cook things with a microwave. Great use of money, USDA. 

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