This Canadian Purina cat food ad is a real head-scratcher

This Canadian print ad for Purina's Fancy Feast cat food is a real head-scratcher. We understand the overall concept, that while your other dreams won't come true at least your dream of feeding your cat some fancy food will, but we're struggling to understand how anyone out there thought this concept would produce a worthwhile advertisement.

Where should we start?

We get it, the woman wishes she had a few extra arms so that she could multitask. Is this really something someone dreams about? It's an old, tired expression, but surely this woman dreams about something a bit more lavish than an extra arm. Why not dream for a less chaotic life instead of some bizarre mutation? 

Then there's the fact that the ad implies you dream of giving your cat Fancy Feast. Or maybe it's implying your cat dreams of Fancy Feast. Someone's dream is coming true, but we're not sure who that is. To be honest, we're not really sure what's being implied here, which is a pretty good indication that something is wrong here. 

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